Please note that the Board’s Executive Director, David Shehdan, has resigned.
The Board thanks Mr. Shehdan for his service.
Catherine Lee, with the law firm Nichols, Choi & Lee, PLLC,
will be serving as the Board’s Interim Executive Director.
Ms. Lee may be reached by e-mail at or by phone at
(919) 341-2636.

Late in March 2016, the 2016 Online Preneed Annual Reports LOGIN was changed. Please contact the NCBFS at 919-733-9380 for a new access code, if you have not already done so.

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CANA Crematory Operator Certification Program now offering On-line courses.

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Statement of Organization:

The North Carolina Board of Funeral Service is established under the provisions of Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes. The Board is composed of nine members.

Members of the Board are appointed by the Governor and the General Assembly. The Governor appoints seven members of the Board: Four licensees from recommendations offered by The North Carolina Funeral Directors Association (NCFDA); two (2) licensees from recommendations offered by the Funeral Directors and Morticians Association of North Carolina, Inc. (FD & MA of NC, Inc.) ; and one (1) licensee of the Board who is not affiliated with any funeral trade organization. One public member is appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and one public member is appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Speaker of the House.  Members serve three year terms. 

The Board is responsible for the administration and regulation of the profession of funeral service in North Carolina. The Board reviews applications, administers examinations, licenses qualified applicants, and regulates the professional practice of the licensees throughout the State. Complaints are investigated, and those requiring further action are scheduled for a hearing before the Board.

Board meetings are usually held at the Board's offices in Raleigh. On occasion the Board meetings are held in other locations in North Carolina. The meetings are open to the public.


Funeral Service, Funeral Director and Embalmer

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All licenses for funeral service, funeral directing and embalming expire on December 31st of each year. Additional thirty (30) days are allowed for completion of the renewal application. Application for renewal, together with the statutory fee, must be received in the Board office by February 1st of the following year to effect licensure renewal. After February 1st, a late fee of $50.00 must be submitted with the renewal application. Licensees whose renewals have not been received by February 1st of each year cannot be guaranteed that their name will be included in the Register for the following year.

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