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CHAPTER 90 of North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 90, Article 13A   Board established, authority, general practice of funeral service, to include licensing, etc.
Chapter 90, Article 13D   Preneed
Chapter 90, Article 13E   Mutual Burial Associations
Chapter 90, Article 13F   Cremations

CHAPTER 14 CRIMINAL LAW (Disorderly conduct at funerals)
§ 14-288.4.   Disorderly conduct
§ 65-77.     Minimum burial depth
§ 65-106.   Removal of graves; who may disinter, move, and reinter; notice; certificate filed; reinterment expenses; due care required
§ 20-157.1.   Funeral processions
CHAPTER 130A PUBLIC HEALTH: Commission of Anatomy
§ 130A-33.30.   Creation; powers and duties
§ 130A-33.31.   Members; selection; term; chairman; quorum; meetings
§ 130A-33.32.   Reference to former Board of Anatomy in testamentary disposition
CHAPTER 130A PUBLIC HEALTH: Vital Statistics
§ 130A-26A.   Violations of Article 4
§ 130A-93.     Access to vital records; copies
§ 130A-93.1.  Fees for vital records copies or search; automation fund
§ 130A-97.     Duties of local registrars
§ 130A-99.     Register of deeds to preserve copies of birth and death records
§ 130A-112.   Notification of death
§ 130A-113.   Permits for burial-transit, authorization for cremation and disinterment-reinterment
§ 130A-114.   Fetal death registration
§ 130A-115.   Death registration
§ 130A-116.   Contents of death certificate
§ 130A-117.   Persons required to keep records and provide information
§ 130A-118.   Amendment of birth and death certificates
CHAPTER 130A PUBLIC HEALTH: Communicable Diseases
§ 130A-134.   Reportable diseases and conditions
§ 130A-135.   Physicians to report
§ 130A-146.   Transportation of bodies of persons who have died of reportable diseases
CHAPTER 130A PUBLIC HEALTH: Investigations and Disposition
§ 130A-383.   Medical Examiner Jurisdiction
§ 130A-384.   Notification concerning out-of-state body
§ 130A-385.   Duties of Medical Examiner upon receipt of notice; reports; copies
§ 130A-388.   Medical Examiner's permission necessary before embalming, burial and cremation
§ 130A-389.   Autopsies
§ 130A-390.   Exhumations
§ 130A-391.   Corneal tissue removal
§ 130A-392.   Reports and records as evidence
§ 130A-393.   Rules
§ 130A-394.   Coroner to hold inquests
§ 130A-395.   Handling and transportation of bodies
§ 130A-398.   Limitation on right to perform autopsy
§ 130A-415.   Unclaimed Bodies; Bodies claimed by the Lifeguardianship Council of the Association for Retarded Citizens of North Carolina; Disposition
§ 130A-418.   Deceased migrant agricultural workers and their dependents
§ 130A-420.   Authority to dispose of body or body parts